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Baluchari Sarees – The Most Stylish West Bengal sarees, that you must add to your wardrobe collection

Baluchari Sarees - The Most Stylish West Bengal sarees, that you must add to your wardrobe collection

Baluchari saree is the pride of West Bengal. This saree has an amazingly elegant and sophisticated appearance that makes you flaunt your attire very decently. These sarees have a unique and attractive draping style that can be super flexible and comfortable for you. This saree is very easy to carry and maintain for a whole long day. Baluchari sarees manufacturers offer high-quality sarees at affordable rates.

Now only females of west Bengal but every lady of any region of India love to drape these stylish Baluchari sarees. every colour shade is suitable for this saree and it can be suitable to everybody’s type or shape. textile Infomedia has contact details of the best manufacturers and suppliers of these sarees, who deal with the best quality fabrics and affordable price range of these sarees.

Baluchari Sarees - The Most Stylish West Bengal sarees, that you must add to your wardrobe collection

The Specificities of Baluchari Sarees

This saree has a very vast history, the nawab of Bengal has announced this saree as the traditional attire of west Bengal in his time. The Bishnupur area, surrounded by west Bengal is producing this saree nowadays. This saree has been famous among females since ancient times due to its rich and royal look. This saree is made of very comfortable and airy fabric material which makes you love this saree for a long day.

The fabric that is used to make this saree is p use silk, which gives it an extra shiny and glossy look. The making process of this saree is not lengthy and time-consuming, the technical process and decorative work take place with the best attention to detail.  The price range of this saree is not very expensive and can be affordable. The regular detergents and sops are suitable to clean this saree. Do not dry under direct sun heat for long hours after washing.

These baluchari sarees are perfect for you if you love to dress up in it with sarees at every function. The college on office going girls love to wear this saree due to its fancy and casual look yet have a traditional touch.  An amazing style of blousing can make this saree flaunt more and make you extra beautiful. This saree has a very classic and sophisticated look for any sort of function and occasion.

The Various Types of Baluchari Saree That You Must Try

Here are some best and popular Baluchari sarees listed below that you must add to your wardrobe and try for the next events.

The Silk Baluchari Sarees

Silk Baluchari Sarees manufacturers

Silk is one of the best and favourite fabrics of many females for ages. This rich, royal fabric material is perfectly suitable to make Baluchari sarees. These types of silk sarees are available at the best manufactures and wholesalers of your cities at their best price. You can get the contact details of the best soupier of this saree via textile Infomedia.

Art Silk Baluchari Saree

The art silk Baluchari means the Baluchari saree is made of artificial silk fabric. This saree is perfect for any casual function, social event and function. The amazing lightweight and fresh colours of this saree make it a preferable choice for many ladies.

This saree is less expensive than the silk Baluchari saree. This amazing outfit is easily available in the market. You can wear this saree during the whole year and flaunt it with the amazing stylish look of yours. Dark colour shades are mostly preferable to these sarees however light shades are also suitable for this saree.

Resham Baluchari Saree

The Resham is a very popular and very classy fabric for Baluchari sarees. It has the lightest weight amongst any other fabric material. It has a very smooth texture and a comfortable lustre of saree. This light-weighted, trendy and comfy saree is becoming the most favourite Baluchari saree of females of West Bengal. The price range of this saree is very affordable, you can check the site of textile Infomedia to see the amazing deals and offers on these amazing Baluchari sarees.


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